Common questions and support docs

About OnBuoy

General FAQs

Questions about OnBuoy, what we do, and why

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Boater / Guest FAQs

How to...

How to capture location, reserve guest moorage, and more

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Questions about reservations

Answers to common questions about reserving guest moorage on OnBuoy

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SOS! Help during a stay

How to solve issues that may arise during a stay on a guest moorage

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Owner / Host FAQs

Questions about listing

Answers to common questions for hosts listing a moorage

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Communicating with guests

How to effectively communicate with guests staying at your moorage

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Questions about inspections

Answers to common questions regarding moorage inspections

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Additional host questions

Answers to other host-related questions (financial, donating proceeds, and more)

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Host Toolkit

OnBuoy Host Toolkit

Your go-to guide for creating your listing and profile

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